ACRE Wetland

ACRE Wetland houses a plethora of native plant species. The wetland however, is overgrown with plant invasive species, making it difficult to open the wetland for educational opportunities. The team aims to build a trail system, eradicate plant invasive species and put up interactive signage along the trail. All this is done so we many educate students at local K-12 community schools/Purdue about wetland conservation.

Started: Fall 2017

Current term: Spring 2022


Meet The Team

Natalie Cloer
Design Lead

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Alexander Roland
Project Partner Liason


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Yuan Cao
Financial Officer

Aditi Barla 
Communications Officer

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Hydroponics was working with Lafayette Habitat for Humanity and is now working with the Imagination Station in Lafayette (since Spring 2017). The goal of this project is to build several small scale hydroponic systems as part of a general hydroponics display. Along with the systems, there will be educational materials and a build station where children can build their own wick system. These hydroponic systems will be used to educate the local community on the methods of hydroponic growing.

Started: Fall 2013

Current term: Fall 2021

Meet The Team


Meet The Team


Andrew Wang
Project Partner Liason


Xinyi(Cindy) Zhou
Team Member

Grant L.JPG

Grant Larsen

Design Lead

Carter Moody

Project Archivist


Jonathan Koziarz
Design Lead

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Eva Lynch
Project Manager

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Rashmika Vaishnavi
Project Partner Liasion

Domestic Waste Bin


The composting team is working with the city of West Lafayette and its director of Neighborhood vitality and development to help raise awareness of the benefits of composting as well as propose strategies to implement composting systems.  The team is looking to meet the community needs, create easy access to composting facilities in the greater West Lafayette area, as well as help transport compost to the West Lafayette biodigester.   This project will look to have a positive impact on the green energy usage and composting awareness in the city of West Lafayette. 

Started: Fall 2019

Current term: Spring 2022